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Equine Connections offers a range of services, each individualised to suit your equine needs. When treating the horse, we work with all aspects of the entire body, including mental, physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics.

We use an innovative process through muscle manipulation, myofascial release, ultrasound, acupuncture, pressure points and equine kinesiology, designed to support your horse in a more functional manner. 

All fundamental modalities established to create a more balanced energy within the horse.

We work with horse's of all disciplines from performance, track and leisure. Currently based in Nyora, we treat on property and offsite, travelling to all parts of Victoria as well as Queensland on a regular basis. 

On property treatments: $100

Offsite & on location: $120

(prices will vary re distance/travel) 

On property stay over for ongoing treatment: $60 per day

(hay and manure clean up included)


The application of ‘Equine Acupuncture’ is a gentle yet firm and effective modality without causing any discomfort to the horse. Acupuncture is used for many reasons including treatment or prevention of pain or illness, relaxation purposes, or purely just for balancing the energy of the horse.

  • Reduces stress, depression and anxiety

  • Relieves pain and inflammation

  • Injury control & relief

  • Facilitates gut issues, colic and similar 

  • Addresses all bodies of the horse - Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Dissipates trauma and emotional stagnation


Working hand in hand with Acupuncture, Kinesiology offers support for horses in so many ways including relief from pain, fear and anxiety, provides comfort and support for the highly strung horse, eliminates aggression, stress and depression and helps dissipate memories of trauma or abuse.

Working closely with the acupressure points, Kinesiology is based on muscle testing techniques, which allows for the body to show what is going on internally or externally.

  • Improves confidence within horse and rider - Enabling peak performance

  • Assists in recovery of illness or injury (ligament damage, injury, colic etc)

  • Brings everything back into alignment

  • Enhances relaxation and overall wellbeing of horse and rider/owner

  • Provides deeper understanding of horse for rider/owner



Horse & Rider Partnership and Communication

Steph has been working alongside elite show-jumpers, dressage competitors and in the eventing arena. Here she corrects connection problems with rider and horse, establishing a secure mindset to support the partnership moving forward.

Whether you have a goal you are working towards or just enjoy riding for leisure, Steph’s equine connection theories work for everyone.

Steph has been taking riders to the next level by helping them to become aware of issues that have been blocking their progress, releasing unwanted limitations mentally, psychically, spiritually and emotionally. 

Being a good rider is one thing, but being in tune with the emotional aspects and confidence of your horse is another.

Why you might need a Connection Assessment...

  • Fear of the unknown/failure

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Lack of confidence or ability 

  • Lack of motivation

  • Mental health issues. Eg.depression and/or anxiety 

  • Horse injury and setbacks

  • Self-limiting mindset, self-sabotaging behaviours.

  • Breath work and relaxation 

  • Boundaries (created by you or others. How to set or overcome them)

  • Visualisation and Meditation


Sessions and assessments run for approximately 60 minutes and can be done on property in Nyora, South Gippsland or off site at your desired location. 

On property assessment: $100

Offsite set location: $120

Queensland - Dates released monthly



Horses are highly intuitive and strong powerful animals that have a desire to seek connection through trust, boundaries, attachment and respect.  More often than not, the horse reflects back to you, your own emotional state, taking you on a journey of self-healing and acknowledgment. 

 Our equine friends are extremely perceptive and quickly adapt to what’s been put in front of them. This provides important feedback to the handler, including self-awareness, emotional and mental state, and communication blocks or other forms of consciousness.

During these sessions, you will engage in a supportive therapeutic process based on trust and connection with the horses, developing a sense of acceptance, growth and gratitude towards yourself

Sessions run for approximately 60 minutes and are based on property in Nyora, South Gippsland.

$120 per session